Our 360
Video Platform

New video content in seconds.
Our powerful real-time dashboard allows you to view all your activities from one place.

360 Play Vid Marketplace

Start earning money in seconds, with a 360 marketplace that brings together multiple DSPs, trading desks and the world’s top brands. Gain access to our top brands and advertisers.

With our platform, you can easily manage all your deals while layering on all the same real-time targeting and brand-safety measures you use.

Our Smart Player

 Our tag can easily be integrated across desktop, mobile web, mobile app and connected TV.

How does it work?


Our deep learning algorithm scans your articles from your site and repurposes them as  smart videos.


The video contains clickable buttons which lead to the original post. Our smart unit engages your audience with the right videos at the right time and in the right place, to improve their experience.


Our smart video includes pre, mid and post roll ads. You will also have access to our marketplace and your own real time dashboard.